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Medieval Persian Art Sarayi on a 100% cotton canvas tote


Persian blue shimmers in this Ottoman tile inspired watercolor and digital collage. Lovely flowers and twining leaves glow in turquoise blue. This design is based on ceramic tiles made for the Ottoman Emperor’s Topkapi Palace. The jewel toned tiles made the walls of the harem glow which rich textures.



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Ravenna Relics uses watercolor paintings to capture this beauty for you. What dreams of beauty will you have? Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun soaked streets, smell the spices from the market. Journey to far away places and share your stories of your travels with us.

This sturdy 100% cotton canvas tote bag will perfect for those trips into town to visit your favorite used bookstore. Take the time to wander the winding aisles to find the perfect book. It will hold your farmer’s market purchases safely until you get home to cook an amazing meal for your friends and family. The size is exactly what you need when you go to the antique store and sturdy enough to hold any treasures you may find.

  • 12.0 oz., 100% cotton canvas
  • Reinforced bottom


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